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Wellness Consultations & Coaching


Wellness unfolds as an inevitable outcome from addressing the root cause of imbalances. I guide you in redesigning your habits and adopting a lifestyle that aligns with the circadian cycles respecting Nature's intelligence so you can thrive.


Carol Jamault is a Certified Health and Life Coach (CHC/CLC), Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), and Registered Yoga Instructor (RYT-200) who fluently speaks English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Consultations and coaching sessions are offered online through video conference or live at GROU Co-Work (4100, Salzedo St. #5 office 8, Coral Gables, Florida 33134)


Client Testimonials

"Hello, Carol, above all, thank you! It was a wonderful session, but most of all, thank you for your kind and warm nature that in itself was the best. Thank you for your guidance."  — Marcela, Miami

"We are just halfway through my coaching program but I already feel the transformation taking place. I'm witnessing my motivations shift beyond my expectations and experiencing new habits anchoring. A delightful process of reeducation, with no pressure or rush, but at my own pace, respecting my limits and inviting to expand. Carol is a coach that motivates, inspires, and holds space for transformation to occur. Maybe, the best outcome I can already foresee is that the changes will only become lasting habits when I surrender to awareness. I'm extremely grateful for walking this path with the guidance of such a generous, sensitive and knowledgeable coach." — Carla, Rio de Janeiro

"I was having lower back pain and an overall stiffness in my body, so I decided to get an Ayurvedic massage with Carol. The experience was beyond my expectation. My lower back pain improved a lot, and every time I finish the session, my body is in a complete state of relaxation and overall well being. The feeling of the warm oil mixed with Carol’s massage makes the session an unwinding experience, that always ends in calm and peace." — Shirley, Miami

"Dear Carol, I was too relaxed to do much of anything yesterday, but now want to thank you for that absolutely wonderful massage! The warm oil and the different techniques had me very curious because I know there is a great purpose behind it. Thanks a million!" — Ute, Miami

"Carol meets you where you are in the moment. Checking in to better understand your needs with every treatment. Carol is constantly learning and evolving, she truly cares about your well-being." — Deborah, Miami

"The work is nurturing, detailed and beautifully performed. The oils, the massage, Carol, and the environment are amazing. Thank you for your magical work! — Helena, Miami

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