Embrace the lifestyle that optimizes your wellness, preventing disease and boosting your vitality.

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We provide authentic life & health coaching, bodywork, outstanding health products, and curated information to support your wellness through Ayurveda, a timeless science that focuses on prevention and rejuvenation.

Wellness unfolds as an inevitable outcome from addressing the root cause of imbalances, empowering you to redesign your habits and to adopt a lifestyle that runs in harmony with your circadian cycles respecting Nature's intelligence.

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Feeling cranky, tired, or uninspired?

Self-care is not a luxury. If you wish to enjoy your years ahead, it’s time to care for your body, mind and consciousness. Self-care is absolutely necessary for anyone wanting to avoid burn out and willing to express the best version of oneself. Put yourself at the top of your to-do list. Choosing to make time for yourself and pursue your desires will eventually require to let some things go while making space for new habits. Learn and embrace the therapeutic lifestyle that will optimize your wellness, prevent disease and enhance your vitality.

Join us and feel your best again.


7-Day Mind-Body Cleanse

Offered seasonally in small groupsor privately as needed

Press the reset and allow your body to cleanse and restore.

This guided at-home-cleanse focuses on removing physical, mental, and emotional toxins from deep within your system. A 3-step time-tested protocol that will allow your digestive fire to rest and rekindle itself; halt your exposure to toxic substances and cleanse your body, allowing prana — life energy — to flow freely. Step away from unwanted habits, pause for reflection, and increase your vitality leading your body to heal from inflammation, chronic pain, and allergies. This cleanse program includes:

• A 60-min online consultation

• Daily group guidance during the whole program

• Personal e-mail guidance if needed

• Access to curated content including recipes, self-care routines, and videos.


Podcast & Live Talks


Join our live-streaming online classes and learn more about Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Herbology and much more.



Since 2015, we provide our clients with the highest standards of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy products to support vibrant health, wellness, and beauty through education and increased awareness. Our criteria of choice for the brands that we work with are highly inspired by their authenticity and commitment to sustainable practices.

The Ayurvedic Institute
Banyan Botanicals
Diamond Way Ayurveda, Melanie and Robert Sachs

Committed to Sustainability


Hridayam is a purpose-driven business.

We give back to the world through sustainable projects.

This is our way to say thank you and to fulfill our mission.

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