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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

My clients often ask me where should they go for some more quality healthy recipes. This blog post is a collection of my favorite go to websites. These are those I visit when I'm researching and designing menus for my cooking classes or when I'm running out of inspiration. Yes! that happens to me too... and quite often to be very honest! ;-)

Here goes a quick list of some of my loved ones:

Elana's Pantry by Elana Amsterdan, a Paleo friendly approach

Wait! Paleo? Paleo and Ayurveda? Yes. Who said Ayurveda advised a vegetarian only approach to food? When you start following the work of Doctors like John Douillard, Jessica Vellela, Todd Cadelcott and others you will soon get the point about Ayurveda and its advices on animal protein intake and have a better understanding about the place of it through an Ayurvedic perspective... This subject deserves a soon to come blog post on its own, meanwhile I highly recommend Dr. Jonh Douillard's book 3-Season Diet! I personally go mostly Paleo during winter season. For Elana's recipes check out here

Hale Pule by Myra Lewin

Here goes someone who just seeing her picture is already inspiring! Myra Lewin can be often seeing modeling on Banyan Botanicals catalogues. Her work is beautiful! A source of wisdom, her blog is full of wonderful posts. I recommend checking her out for those wanting to become an Ayurvedic certified chef or to train Ayurvedic bodywork.

Joyfull Belly by John Immel

Joyfull Belly offer a MASTERING AYURVEDIC DIGESTION & NUTRITION 500 HOUR CERTIFICATION a 10 month online program for those interested in becoming an Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor focusing on digestion and guided cleanses. The website has an extensive collection of recipes and is a good source of information. Click here to access Joyfull Belly recipes

Rebecca Katz

In my opinion, the best website listed here! Rebecca Katz is the author of the award-winning cookbook, The Cancer Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing Big Flavor Recipes for Cancer and Treatment and Beyond as well as One Bite at a Time: Nourishing Recipes for Cancer Survivors and Their Friends. Her most recent titles are The Longevity Kitchen: Satisfying Big-Flavor Recipes Featuring the 16 Top Age-busting Power Foods (2013), The Healthy Mind Cookbook (2015) and Clean Soups: Simple, Nourishing Recipes for Health and Vitality (September 6, 2016). Click here to access Rebecca Katz recipes

Vydia Living by Claire Ragozzino

I love this website! Not only is so beautifully designed but all the content is very well organized, easy to access and so deeply infused with wisdom and beauty. Click here to see Claire's recipes

En français? ... biensûr!

I have great appreciation for my Facebook friend Tiphaine Paonessa's work, she is an ayurvedic nutritionist and lifestyle counselor based in Geneva. We met through the web and found we share so much in common! I hope I'll meet her soon in "real" space-time. Her website is also beautifully designed and structured. To access her recipes check out here.

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