The missing manual: Balance your Hormones, Balance your Life.

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

"Tired? Overworked? Stressed? Out of balance? Welcome to the twenty-first century, where women's stress levels have reached unprecedented heights. Between myriad responsibilities, women burn through even the energy gained from sufficient sleep and a healthy diet. The result? Hormonal havoc."

I use to refer to Dr. Claudia Welch's book "Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life" in my classes as "the women's missing owners manual". I truly believe this book should be read by all women. A source of wisdom and high quality information about the feminine body along its different stages of life.

I wish I have had this book when I was a teenager struggling with my moon cycle for varied reasons ranging from my routine, my diet, my ayurvedic constitution, etc. It would have helped me to understand what was going on in my body, it would have helped me to be more connected with my body, it would have helped me through habit changes that would bring all back to balance giving myself the opportunity to redesign my routine in order to support my body needs.

Thankfully this book got to my hands before I reach perimenopause and menopause so I have plenty of time to prepare my body for it and most likely navigate those changes with ease and understanding.

I recommend you to watch this interview with Dr. Claudia Welch. So insightful!

Read the book:

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