Jojoba, one of the most loved body oils, mimics the nutrient profile of our skin’s own oil to deliver flawless moisture. Jojoba is a mild, nutty-scented oil that absorbs readily and applies easily. It contains many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that keep our skin supple and smooth.This organic jojoba oil has a golden sunlit color. Due to its fatty acid profile that closely resembles our skin's own sebum, it is highly regarded as a moisturizer. Jojoba is not actually an oil, it is a liquid plant wax that acts as protective nourishment for your skin. Jojoba resists rancidity and is highly shelf-stable, making it useful in cosmetic formulations and DIY body care applications.Jojoba is useful for dry, troubled, mature, sensitive and combination skin. It is a soothing oil that balances moisture levels with deeply penetrating, non-greasy nurturance. One bottle of jojoba easily pares down your bathroom counter. Use it for full body moisturizing, facial cleanser and makeup removal, leave-on facial serum, scalp and hair repair, massage oil, cuticle/nail/lip moisture, or as a shaving cream.Floracopeia’s organically cultivated jojoba oil is virgin and unrefined. This golden oil is cold-pressed from the seed/bean of the jojoba shrub. Native to Arizona and California, jojoba prefers warm, arid conditions.Because jojoba is actually a liquid plant wax and not a typical vegetable oil, it has molecular qualities that lead to superior shelf stability. As with all carrier oils, keep your bottle out of direct sunlight and heat, and use within one year of opening.

Jojoba Oil

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