Relaxing & Calming Blend That Soothes the Senses

The fresh fragrance of lavender flowers has a deeply calming effect on the mind and body, and helps to soothe the senses. When used as part of a daily routine, Lavender Soap starts the morning off right by relaxing the nervous system and bringing a soft stability to the day ahead. Although the grounding nature of lavender is most ideal for vata, this soap is gentle enough to cool the heat of pitta, or offer extra nourishing support to kapha. When used in the evening, this luxurious soap helps to wash away the stresses of the day and bring the body into a place of total relaxation. The sweet scent of lavender essential oil combined with the gentle exfoliation of actual crushed lavender flowers will quickly turn your daily routine into a spa-like experience for the senses. To create the perfect lather, we use a well-balanced blend of all-natural, organic saponified oils that are GMO-free, leaving your skin silky and clean.

Lavender Soap

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