These pure sandalwood chips from the Vanuatu archipelago are chipped, pre-distilled heartwood imbibed with precious sandalwood oil. Sandalwood, prized for its many healing qualities, must be trustingly sourced. The Vanuatu Sandalwood Eco-Project is powered by people who cherish and steward the sandalwood tree.

Renowned for its calming, uplifting powers, sandalwood incense has long been a staple of sacred practice. A quintessential component to ritual and meditation, sandalwood calms a worried mind and creates a serene state of consciousness.

Revered in perfumery, sandalwood is prized for its tranquil and nourishing fragrance. It centers the heart, enhances concentration, and opens intuition. The sensual, spicy-warm fragrance enhances romantic and sensual moods. It is considered highly sattvic, meaning that it promotes health, clarity, and a meditative calm.

    Sandalwood Pure Wood Incense

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