Welcome to Hridayam

Guiding mindful entrepreneurs in reaching professional and personal design and wellness goals while collectively regenerating our relationship with Nature.


Home Remedies

Immune resilience, clean beauty, and planetary connection.


Hridayam is a modern apothecary providing our local community with a thoughtfully curated selection of Nature's treasures inspired by their authenticity and commitment to sustainable practices.


Integrative Design

Web Design & Branding Consistency for mindful entrepreneurs

I provide an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural approach to design deeply aligned to the demands of our times, focusing on fully shared knowledge and teaching my clients how to navigate technology with ease and confidence.



Wellness results from positive repeated actions and therefore can be designed.


I help you in achieving your intended wellness outcome through coaching programs that will support you in efficient stress management for balanced emotions, clarity of mind and graceful aging. 

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
— John Lennon

Committed to Sustainability

Hridayam is a purpose-driven business.

We give back to the world through sustainable projects. This is our way to say thank you and to fulfill our mission.


Hridayam supports ((o))eco nonprofit environmental journalism in our shared mission for ecosystem regeneration and climate awareness.