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Zucchini and Dandelion Quick Soup

In one of our recent cooking classes I had to totally improvise the menu. Actually the evening previous to the class I got stuck on intense traffic driving back home from South Beach and could not make it to Whole Foods before getting my son in school. As I was coming back from a meditation studio I decided to just breathe through that experience and told myself not to panic but just embrace the flow and cook with the ingredients in my fridge. It came out being a beautiful class where I focused with my clients on exactly figure out what to do with what you can "harvest" from your fridge shelves!

My cooking classes are all about being able to cook healthy on a regular basis with simplicity, some creativity and not too much work and time! They are about making food pleasurable and sacred as we acknowledge the importance of it to our health.

As for that class I obviously couldn't improvise hand-outs, once in a while I get my clients texting me if they could have that recipe again... So I decided to publish the recipe so they can still cook it if I'm not available to answer promptly! Here we go!


500 g of zucchini diced

1 cup of dandelion leaves roughly chopped

3 cups of vegetable broth (I personally use the brand Rapunzel) or water

1 handful of rolled oats or quinoa flakes

2 tbs of a high quality ghee or olive oil

garlic or ginger to taste


Sauté the garlic or ginger and zucchinis with the ghee. Add the vegetable broth (or the water) al let cook for about 10 min in medium heat. Add the dandelion leaves and the oats or quinoa flakes and let cook for more 5 min. Blend to obtain the texture of your choice and garnish with some parsley leaves, finely chopped spring onions, sunflowers seeds, croutons, etc.

This recipe can be varied almost to infinite. Just think in replacing the zucchini by broccoli or chayotte for example, than replace the dandelion with spinach, kale, green collards... well create with what is available in your fridge! Enjoy!

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