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Back pain: How Ayurveda can help?

If you are experiencing lower back pain, Khati Basti may be a great healing tool for you. This local specialized Ayurvedic therapy relieves chronic and acute pain from the lower back as well as from other important major joints in the body.

Khati Basti

How Basti works?

Basti therapies are proved to be effective for painful conditions specially along the spine and may promote healing including in cases of inflammation at the connective tissues between the vertebral bones (and other joints through the body as well). The procedure promotes sweat fostering pain relieve, the medicated oils used during the treatments get deeply absorbed through the skin and have a unique therapeutic effect to the nervous system as well as it deeply lubricates and nourishes the tissues.

Benefits of Khati Basti

  • Khati Basti relieves pain and restores flexibility

  • Khati Basti increases circulation in the lumbar area as the warm herbal oils gets deeply absorbed into the skin, both nourishing and strengthening the muscles and nerves

  • The warm medicated oils helps to melt stiffness/rigidity and strengthens the bone tissue

  • Relieves chronic lower backaches and painful muscle spasms, stiffness or degenerative problems

Introduction to the other main types of Basti Therapies:


During Hrid basti therapy, a disc of dough is placed around your heart center slightly to the left side of the chest and filled with warmed herbal oils and essential oils. The heart center is infused in this way for around 30 minutes with the healing properties of the oils promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

ANSA BASTI (Shoulder)

Applying basti therapy to the shoulder area revitalizes the whole spine. Not only ansa basti can relieve tension from the shoulders and neck reducing localized pain and stiffness but will also deeply lubricate the spine and support the nervous system.


During greeva basti the back of the neck is bathed with warm herbal infused oils during around 30 minutes. This treatment can be very beneficial for those suffering from cervical pain.


Janu is the sanskrit word for knee. Janu basti is an ayurvedic treatment that support healing of the knee joint in cases of injuries, arthritis, etc.


Netra basti is recommended for strengthening and restoring the eyesight. During this special treatment, the eyes are bathed in high quality slightly warm melted ghee. This treatment, performed during 8 to 15 minutes deeply lubricates the eyes and can be very beneficial for those working long hours in screens.


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