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Ayurvedic advices for uncertain times

Vata balancing guidance from Melanie and Robert Sachs

"When routines and life are changed or disrupted, when uncertainty makes itself more evident in your life, the Ayurvedic energetic known as VATA (roughly translated or categorized as “wind”) becomes unstable. As the world in general is in such upheaval, we are living in a Vata environment and each of us, no matter what you think your Ayurvedic constitution is, is experiencing elevated Vata. The symptoms, digestive upset, sleeplessness, the mind racing, difficulties in focusing, having aches and pains that change and change again (Am I infected?), all in a general feeling of fear and apprehension.

There is an old Buddhist saying that states that it is difficult to cover the world in leather, but one can put on shoes. Building resilience and mindful attention.

So, in keeping with what Melanie and I want to share about what we are doing to manage our Vata, here are a few suggestions.


Focus on regular, nourishing, cooked meals. Cooked food is much easier to digest than raw foods. Think of adding more Omega 3s into your diet, i.e. quality fats in your cooking. Limit your consumption of alcohol and stimulant beverages. Melanie and I are not drinking any alcohol at this time. We do like an occasional coffee or green tea, but have also been drinking with frequency Ayurveda’s first and most trusted remedy: hot water.


In chaos and uncertainty, strive to create routine. Get up at a regular time and try to get to bed similarly. Create a meal and activity plan for yourself. Predictability counters the mental chaos that Vata puts in motion. As part of this, our stay-at-home plan also includes checking in regularly with family and others who we care for. And titrate your news consumption. How much helps you focus on what needs to be done according to the information that is trustworthy and how much sets your mind into to a flat panic?


The balance and perfection of Vata is the Unlimited Mind. Take some quiet time to reflect and contemplate. There are things we can do and things we have little or no control over. Know the difference. In The Ecology of Oneness, I explain that we are in a cooperative multi-dimensional universe with benevolent beings seen and unseen. Do rituals and prayers or start a conversation with God, the Buddhas, Jesus, Tara, Neptune, elementals. ALL beings want happiness. By striking up a conversation with or entreating such beings, what resources can we access within ourselves and without in our vast, resource-rich universe?"

Golden Milk (Turmeric Milk) an Ayurvedic elixir to restore Ojas, and to promote restorative relaxation

This message was recently shared by Melanie and Robert Sachs through their mailing. Those familiar with my massage protocols usually receive a massage closing that includes a scrub with a lovely and delicate rose ubtan carefully prepared by them. Both Melanie and Robert have a deep influence on my massage work and I'm deeply grateful for their teachings. You can learn more about their work, study with them or contact for consultations by calling (805) 429-2271 or visiting Diamond Way Ayurveda


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